About Dellvidi

D E L L V I D I is proud of its unique ability drawn from its rich and varied experience in developing of Apparels business with internationally renowned companies. It's accelerated and extraordinary Development & Follow-up attract quite a good number of global customers to introduce Bangladeshi RMG (Ready Made Garment) manufacturers with best services & effort.

D E L L V I D I acts as a functional connection device for the Global Apparels Business window open from Bangladesh. It assists it's customers by assessing their objectives and guideline them in the best possible way towards establishing a resilient foundation for their businesses.

D E L L V I D I a gateway of RMG sourcing from Bangladesh believes business relation for long term. Mr. M I Bappy started work in RMG in year 1994 and worked for Azim Group for 3 years, Texlinr for 2 years, Mondial for 5 years, Standard Group for 5 years, Al Muslim Group for 1 year and started my own business with a partner of BRFL Indian company for 3 years and now fully concentrate in own business for last 2 years.

D E L L V I D I has unlimited access to the best sources whatsoever possible in Bangladesh. Having experiences more than 16 years in this field it's management is well known as professional among the Bangladesh RGM market. Experience, professionalism and teamwork help us to take right and prompt decision.

Most of the retailers and traders have their own liaison office in Dhaka. Still many are sourcing RMG out of Bangladesh and sometimes have the following experiences.

a. Wrong Supplier/Production Unit Selection.

b. Poor Communication.

c. Weak & Unprofessional Follow-up.

Which cause either Cancellation or Delay Shipment with poor quality.

D E L L V I D I knows the

a. Market segment Right Product for the Right Producer.

b. Man behind the Machine is the key to get the job done in proper way.

c. Valuing Customer T&A, Quality Requirements, COC & Social and Ethical Standards, Trend and Taste.

D E L L V I D I is well balanced with it's professional team whose expertise fast-track the order smoothly from the very beginning so that customers visualize the progress time to time. Believes growth not in quantitative but in qualitative.